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"We had fallen in love with Mary's style of painting, amazed that we had finally found an artist whom we both loved! We had not thought about gift vouchers at an art gallery as a wedding present choice, but when we found out about the possibility, it was perfect. The Butterworth family were so helpful and our guests found the service easy to use, many were organising it from Denmark and were really happy with the helpful and friendly service.  We were lucky enough to be able to buy an original painting which was the icing on our wedding cake. We both couldn't recommend highly enough the Butterworth Gallery for your wedding list, we only wish we could do it again so we could get another painting for our collection!"

Arlene & Casper Knudsen

"The picture itself is exceptional, you have managed to keep the picture true to the scene yet have enhanced all the best bits - the light dappling through the trees and the reflections of light in the water are the best we have ever seen and despite our intimate knowledge of all your previous pieces, surpassed all our expectations!...When we first saw the painting I couldn't help bursting into tears it was so good and we are bursting with pride and joy at having such an amazing piece represent such a special day in our lives...it will be a constant reminder of our wedding day and all the friends and family who have contributed to it..."

Ben & Kim Connor

Visit The Scottish Highlands and the West Coast- An artist's road trip

July 16, 2024

Every year Howard would take seasonal road trips to recharge and for a change of scenery. With a love of cars, nature and travel he found joy and inspiration in journeying to the wild and raw beauty of the West Coast and the Scottish Highlands. 

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Spring Daffodils - Reflections on painting flowers & season

April 23, 2024

Photograph of daffodils by the pond in the garden of Aberdeenshire artist Howard Butterworth
Spring is here and all around Aberdeenshire you can spot this beautiful and cheerful flower heralding the return of warmer days .

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The Butterworth Gallery - A year in review

November 06, 2023

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