Mary Louise has been painting full time since 2004 and is acclaimed for her intriguing night scenes of Aberdeen and well known streets and buildings illuminated by bright and colourful city lighting - a modern reflection of the nightlife in this thriving city. Painting mostly in acrylics since 2004, her subjects are contemporary spaces for reflection and solace both within urban and countryside settings. Her unique scenes often focus on an element of mystery or intrigue within the scene setting the stage for the viewer to play out a story. In her work she attempts to recreate the hypnotic and dramatic qualities of light, pattern, and form emphasising elements rich in colour, depth and emotion. Embracing the contrast of silence and stillness within a moment with the movement and musicality of light, her innovative use of colour is instantly recognisable and very much in demand. Exhibitions are held several times a year in various locations and include a range of subjects that have inspired and motivated her. With a large and diverse client base, her work is much sought after by galleries and collectors, making her distinctive pieces a real find.