Gift Account


Sign up to The Butterworth Gift Account as a unique alternative to a traditional wedding gift list.  Your friends and family can contribute to a communal gift fund and together buy your favourite piece, or a special commission from The Butterworth Gallery. 

Guests are invited to purchase Butterworth gift vouchers online or direct through the gallery which are then added to the gift account held in your name. 

As a gift from us here at the gallery, an additional 5% will be added to your total gift account.

As part of our service a free Butterworth card will be sent to the guest list informing them of your wishes. This card could also be used as an invite if so desired.

To register or find out more contact or Tel 07379140231.

We will be able to meet most requirements with our in-house design service. You may wish to let friends and family know of your favourite image; this is possible using our The Butterworth Gallery Wishlist Service.