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Finding the perfect painting for your home is deeply personal and is about connecting with a work of art. The search often involves exploring various styles, artists, and themes, allowing you to discover pieces that resonate with your emotions and complement the ambiance of your space. Whether you're drawn to vibrant scenes that add a pop of colour or serene landscapes that bring a sense of tranquility to your home, the perfect painting has the power to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and create a focal point that reflects your unique taste and personality. It is such a joy to find a special painting which not only enhances your home but enriches your daily life with its beauty and meaning.


Our bespoke art consultation services offer a personalised and expert approach to purchasing artwork, for home and interiors, both in person and online. The services below can provide invaluable guidance to art enthusiasts and collectors alike, ensuring that artwork choices align with tastes, preferences, and budget. Our services are a simple and enjoyable process for both new buyers and seasoned collectors alike to find ideal artwork for their home or business. 

"At home" Viewings (within 35km)

Consultations ‘at home’ is a new service which we have been offering to local customers interested in larger print orders or original paintings.  We can arrange a home visit to bring along artwork and examples of prints selected from your Butterworth Gallery wishlist - we have made it really simple to make your own wishlist of your favourite paintings and prints. 
Butterworth original art chosen with the art consultation offered in our Scottish art services for home interiorsWe are always happy to suggest artwork options, advise on framing, artwork themes and colours that will suit your individual needs. Private viewings are arranged at a mutually suitable location, this could be at your own home or business. You will be able to chat through your wishlist choices, any purchase or framing options, and view the artwork in person. This experience is a great way to allow you to see every nuance of the pieces and how they interact with your environment and can enhance your daily life at home.

Digital Viewings (via Zoom)

Sometimes it will not be possible to arrange a personal visit and a digital viewing is a wonderful way to get a better feel for a painting. You will be able to ask questions and view the art in a much more interactive way than a still image. Different angles, wall positioning and close up details will be shown, enabling you to imagine the piece in your own home. 

Exploring the Butterworth Archive

As Howard has now retired we have hosted a number of successful online archive exhibitions with exclusive previews of previously unseen works for our client mailing list. We are continuing to explore Howard’s private archive and collection, re-discovering some iconic paintings, beautiful unseen work, sketches and stories which we have enjoyed sharing. Over the years Howard has travelled with his easel, painting in many different locations and seasons en plein air capturing the beauty, mood and colours of Scotland, Spain and more.

We are happy to take requests from clients and search for special locations, themes and seasons for clients, offering a bespoke service for art collectors to find their perfect match of original artwork by Howard Butterworth. Clients have been taking advantage of informal bespoke zoom appointments with Sarah which allows buyers the chance to view and discuss the paintings, asking any questions they may wish.  

Our Service Area

Google map of the service area of The Butterworth online art gallery

Map of Private Viewings Service Area


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